Hi, i’m Andrew and have been on this whisky journey since the mid-2000s. In the last few years that journey has gathered pace, and I now find myself trapped in the never ending flavour chase, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

I have kept tasting notes for some time in various notepads (hence the name Whisky Pad) and have decided to create this website to share my thoughts.

Whisky Pad is all about whisky reviews and comparing whiskies from different batches/generations, or even different expressions. It is only one persons opinion and that should never be taken as gospel, but I hope you find my reviews interesting enough to keep coming back.

Knowledge and discovery has been a big part of my journey, and I have put together a list of links to articles/videos I have found interesting for anybody wanting to take a deeper dive and understanding into the subject. Check out the whisky knowledge page for those.

All the whisky reviewed has been purchased by myself, unless stated otherwise. Regardless, I am 100% independent and you can have confidence that my thoughts and scores are not influenced by a third party.

You can also find me giving my whisky opinions on Malt >> Click here

Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment on one of the posts.

Scoring system

I use a 1-10 points scoring system, including half points if I can’t quite decide! Below is a run down of roughly what each score equates to.

1 – Undrinkable
2 – Pretty bad stuff. Avoid!
3 – Poor. Probably still avoid, but maybe if you are offered one for free
4 – Below average. There are glimmers of hope, but don’t waste your money
5 – Fine. Worth trying, and there are likely more positives than negatives
6 – Good. A perfectly decent whisky, but don’t go spending too much
7 – Very good. This is nice whisky and worth seeking out
8 – Excellent. You shouldn’t think twice at the right price
9 – Superb. Buy a bottle, or possibly two!
10 – Unbelievably amazingly, superbly, brilliant! Perfection in whisky form