Springbank 12CS and 15yo

Here we have a pair of Springbank’s up for review. I have had these for a little while, and if i’m honest, I didn’t bother reviewing them until now because everybody loves Springbank, don’t they? However, in the interest of filling space on the internet, and because they are both really good (spoiler alert!), I decided to post them on my little website anyway.

Springbank 12 Cask Strength (batch 21 – 56.1% ABV) – Review

This one was matured in 45% sherry, 25% bourbon, 25% burgundy and 5% port casks

Nose : Fruity, sweet, blackcurrant, orange, raisin, campfire and tobacco smoke. It’s got a noticeable herbal menthol note, along with brine and carbolic soap. There’s just a suggestion of rubber there too

Palate : Lovely thick and coating mouthfeel. The sweetness builds in the first few moments, before a bitterness takes over, but with the sweet remaining behind it. Lots of raisin, cherry, black pepper spice, ginger, dark roast coffee and some ashy smoke. Lingering finish with lots of the spice notes and some salt.

Score : 8/10

A beautiful whisky. That’s why people go to such lengths to buy each limited release from the distillery. Available for just over £50 usually, although I use the word “available” very loosley.

Springbank 15 Years Old – (46% ABV) Review

This one is matured in 100% sherry casks with malted barley peated to 12-15ppm, as is typical with all Springbank’s.

Nose : Rich toffee and red fruits – blackcurrant and raspberry, along with orange, figs and raisins. Very fruity! Subtle wisps of smoke, a hint of rubber, old engine used, and tobacco. There’s also mango, apple, damp grass, earthy soil and sawdust

Palate : It’s just a wonderfully fat and coating mouthfeel – luxuriously so. Caramalised orange, heather honey and vicks vapour rub, followed by sharp and bitter lemon, along with black pepper, ginger, drying oak and a good deal of coastal salt.

The finish continues to be drying, with oak, chopped nuts, a hint of cabbage, brine and tobacco smoke.

Conclusions : Dirty elegance! Full of complexity. I know there is no need to fan the flames of Springbank, its revered by many. I just wish it was more readily available. This is my favourite Springbank bottling I have tried to date, and one I wish was easier to replace than it unfortunately is. Around £65 when you can find it, and zero complaints at that.

Score : 9/10

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